Sunday, 2 August 2009

Tidying up the Beading Mess

Yes I am still trying to make sense of my very small work table. I just dont know how I manage to make such a mess. Every time I try to make some order of the mess I find something else to do. Always beading.
Since the last time I said I was going to tidy it all up I have made two necklaces , two bracelets and I am now in the middle of two other bracelets..

Just how can I keep focused on the job in hand. I want to try so many different stitches and colors.
My brain is tumbling over and over. The ideas just flow in and get all mixed up.
I think it is an age thing. Senior moments and all that. Still I enjoy the beading but not the trying to make sense and order of the mess. Wish me luck back to the wee table.

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