Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Beading Milk beads in Spiral

This necklace is another spiral, but because it is chips you can hardly see that it is spiral. I call this milk stone but I know some people call it moon stone. I really dont care I think it is quite eye catching. What I should have done is saved enough beads and chips to make matching earings.
Never mind I will know the next time.

Beading by The Princess

This necklace was made for me by my 8 year old grand daughter (fondly called The Princess) actually I think the stork made a mistake when it dropped in to my daughter's arms..
She loves doing beading . Funny enough she does not like tidying up her room !! We have some arguments about that. However none when I ask her does she want to bead with me.

More Beading from recent past

This necklace was made while I was in my Spiral mode. I love this stitch I think it is my favourite.
What can I say. I thought I would try the double spiral. I loved doing this BUT found it difficult after a time it seemed to crush up and went very tight.So what I thought I would carry on in one colour at one end then the other colour on the other side. It turned out very interesting dont you think? I had seen this on a site in my web wanderings.. Sorry I cannot remember where it was. But when I do I will give credit where it is due.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

beading in the New Year

It is ages since I have done my blogging thing. My friends have been contacting me to say how sad they were because I have not been keeping my blog up to date.

This necklace was the outcome of the spiral necklace I told you I was going to try in the clear and royal blue mini bugles. I have never tried to cover a stone but as this my first attempt I hope you will forgive any mistakes you can see..

A friend of mine who lives in England does a lot for some very needy charities.. In November I sent her some of my finished UOF's. I have now started on the next bunch to send her. It is good to clear the decks (so to speak) .