Saturday, 28 February 2009

My beading gift.

I received my registration through from Beadworkers Guild..I am not a member till April but they sent a wee gift ..the makings of a bracelet.. well I started it last night and beaded into the is tiny pearl seeds and a sweety pink seeds.
you have to make it in dutch spiral .. well I finished the bracelet and found there was some of each left over when I had made it up to the size for I kept on beading.. then I run out of pearl seeds .. i was quite dissapointed..
Went to bed and mulled over what to do with something too long for a bracelet but too short for a necklace.. thinking as i was dropping off to sleep ..I am sure I have pearl seeds SOMEWHERE in my stash.. got up this morning and found them woopee !! also found some seeds in the sweety pink woopee again !! well it is not going to be a bracelet ..not a necklace.. but a longer lariat type so I will be able to tie it in a knot and let it hang.. What FUN I love it ..

Friday, 27 February 2009

Beading with the Weavers Knot

I found this wonderful knot while I was browsing a Beadworkers Guild magazine, sorry I do not have the number. Since using this wee knot I have not had a mishap. I am relatively new to beading so I have had quite a few mishaps. The thing was I always lost the exact place where I tied my last thread in.. not any more. When I find it again in the magazine I will give you more information on it.

I have started another bracelet. Very different from my freeform adventure.

I think I told you the children are off school this week , thank goodness it is 'fin de semana' here in Tenerife (and the rest of Spain) the end of the week. The kids and I have been painting and decorating pine cones. They are loving it. Monday we start to add the glits.

Today is shopping day . My friends and I went on quite an excursion. We found another Chinese warehouse , wonderful, but sorry no new beads. We then found a todo shop, this is like a 99 pence shop in U.K. but this one was a bit more up market. It had lots of interesting bits and bobs.
We oohed and ahhed at all the really different things in the two new shops.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Beading THE BRACELET finished

It is Thursday already and the week of kids on holiday is almost over.. actually they have been good .. sh! dont tell them I said so..

I finished the bracelet last night.. and although I say so myself it looks good .. at least for my first forage into freeform.. I found the inspiration for it in The Beadworkers Guild magazine number 36 the beading project is called Textured Netting by Isobelle Bunting. Isobelle got her inspiration from Bonnie Voelker's 'Potato Chip Netting' the netting has a lovely touchable feel to it..

It was amazing watching it grow. I really had no idea just what to expect the outcome to be. Anyway I love it. What an adventure it has been.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Morning out in Los Cristianos to find more beads

Had a lovely morning out.. Now can you possibly guess just what caught my eye? Yes you got it in one BEADS, BEADS, BEADS.
We invaded four chinese todo shops ( these are like 99 pence shops back in U.K.) and I found some beads and a great little box to store part of my stash.. The little box has 16 drawers I think it would be used for screws and things like that.
After spending the morning walking all over LC we made a detour to a garden center on the way home where V got three orchid plants. I never knew there was such a perfume off them.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

How can I bead?

How can I bead , the kids are on holiday.. We went to the beach yesterday, the kids and I, we were looking for smooth round stones.. the stones must be oval and about 2" long.. I would like to make a tortoise .. Last year Hania had a wee tortoise and I would like to try and make her a little Safari, that was what she called her tortoise..
I have still not finished THE bracelet but did another bit to it last night.. It is coming on nicely.. I have lots of encouragement about it even from as far away as Scotland.

Monday, 23 February 2009

This blog thing is hard work nearly as bad as beading

I feel as if i have been to the dentist for a checkup.. You know what I mean .. before you go in your nerves are jangling and when you come out you say to your self wheegh.. well that is how I feel about this blog ..

New template and the BRACELET

Have put up new template.. The other one looked a bit insipid..

As to the BRACELET I did not get it finished but did another bit to it.. It is coming together at last.. there is the thing that has been getting me down .. I know I know it is not finished but i will post it up when that glorious day comes

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Beading the bane of my life

I really love it. Tonight I hope to have finished this bracelet.
The next one is very colourful deep blues and purples with a touch of orange . Sounds ghastly I know just hope it turns out better than it sounds.

Sorting out my profile

I have been trying to sort out my profile.. It all takes time doesn't it?
I spent a large part of the morning tidying up my work space.. it is a small house and I need to keep everything tidy but I am not a tidy person.. never mind I will get on with my newest bracelet..

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Silversurfer surfs again!!

It is a long time since I set up this blog. At that time I found it hard to write about anything but now I have a new interest ( beading) and I love it . It started as something to give me ME TIME but now it has turned into bead time. The problem now is finding time to do the things normal housewives and grannies do. Like bed making , washing, washing dishes, and all the rest.

I think it is the challenge of the stitches and ofcourse the colours. I just love watching peoples faces when they see each new style and combination. One of the things I wanted to do was to keep my hands and brain working together. Well I am doing that and loving it into the bargain.