Saturday, 28 February 2009

My beading gift.

I received my registration through from Beadworkers Guild..I am not a member till April but they sent a wee gift ..the makings of a bracelet.. well I started it last night and beaded into the is tiny pearl seeds and a sweety pink seeds.
you have to make it in dutch spiral .. well I finished the bracelet and found there was some of each left over when I had made it up to the size for I kept on beading.. then I run out of pearl seeds .. i was quite dissapointed..
Went to bed and mulled over what to do with something too long for a bracelet but too short for a necklace.. thinking as i was dropping off to sleep ..I am sure I have pearl seeds SOMEWHERE in my stash.. got up this morning and found them woopee !! also found some seeds in the sweety pink woopee again !! well it is not going to be a bracelet ..not a necklace.. but a longer lariat type so I will be able to tie it in a knot and let it hang.. What FUN I love it ..

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