Friday, 27 February 2009

Beading with the Weavers Knot

I found this wonderful knot while I was browsing a Beadworkers Guild magazine, sorry I do not have the number. Since using this wee knot I have not had a mishap. I am relatively new to beading so I have had quite a few mishaps. The thing was I always lost the exact place where I tied my last thread in.. not any more. When I find it again in the magazine I will give you more information on it.

I have started another bracelet. Very different from my freeform adventure.

I think I told you the children are off school this week , thank goodness it is 'fin de semana' here in Tenerife (and the rest of Spain) the end of the week. The kids and I have been painting and decorating pine cones. They are loving it. Monday we start to add the glits.

Today is shopping day . My friends and I went on quite an excursion. We found another Chinese warehouse , wonderful, but sorry no new beads. We then found a todo shop, this is like a 99 pence shop in U.K. but this one was a bit more up market. It had lots of interesting bits and bobs.
We oohed and ahhed at all the really different things in the two new shops.

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