Thursday, 29 October 2009

Focus on Beading

Well I have given myself a good talking to.
Things were going from bad to worse. The UFO's were piling up and I was getting nowhere fast. I could see the problem but I just could do nothing about it.
My answer was do something I really love to do.. well that was easy to answer 'A Spiral' I love the spiral I can do it with my eyes shut , so to speak. All I had to do was decide on the colors .
I went into the stash and found some clear seed beads and some royal blue small bugles and away I went spiraling like a mad thing..
Maybe this is not your way to deal with an over active brain but its mine .
I feel so much calmer today. I know I will get the call to do a wee bit here and there on the UFO's and as I take my time they will get finished..
Time is something I have a lot of. I just lost sight of this fact and lost my calm.
Hope you have a nice day thank you for visiting

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Beading Mixing Pot

I find I have a lot UFO's kicking about. I cant seem to sit down and finish them off. My brain does not want to let me finish the one piece before it throws the next piece into the mix that is my ideas pot. At the moment I have two flower pieces on the go and a peyote bracelet cuff. Last night while getting on with the cuff I lifted one of the flowers and laid it on the cuff and it was really quite beautiful. . . The large flower and the 'Kind of a Passion Flower' were made from the tutorial on
The small rose was made from a book 'The beaded Garden' by Diane Fitzgerald

By the way I made the passion flower, in a kind of a way, but I could
not make the stamens stand up so did away with them and am going to add a golden seed bead center.

It is a 'Kind of a Passion Flower' Can you see a kind of a passion flower?

I have so much whirling round in my head I wish I could slow it down just a bit...
At the moment I have a hankering to bead the edge of a scarf. It just has to be a project for the future.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A day in Jungle Park Tenerife Thro' Jim's Lens

This was a smashing day. As a family we love Jungle Park there is so much to do and see. Also it is situated quite near where we live so no long bus journeys or car drives. The Wild Child and Princess Wat-A-Pong thoroughly enjoyed them selves as usual. We saw the Parrot Show and then later on saw the wild bird show.
How on earth do they get the birds to come back I have no idea. The birds set off from the tower and fly off into the distance and you think to your self 'Bye bye birdy' but no before the show is over there they swooping over the tower again and there they are safe and sound.
The children have been there so often that they were off showing CC and CJ the way to the next bit of the park. We had two very tired bunnies to take home.

Beaded flowers!!

I started getting a hankering to try to make beaded flowers. Now I thought you could only make these lovely little things with wire. These are the kind of flowers I showed off in my last beading post. However doing my usual browsing through the internet I found this example of flowers in bead and thread I was immediately tempted and here is the first of the finished article. Cyndi's tutorial is very well shown and if I can make this on my first attempt anyone can do it.
I enjoyed doing this and I have found a flower called the passion flower, I wondered to myself if I could try and make it up in this 'bead and thread' method. I will keep you posted how I get on.

I have recently purchased a book called 'The beaded Garden' by Diane Fitzgerald and I am working my way through it. The book is wonderful, full of detailed descriptions and pictures. I have tried the small tulip so far I am in wonderment at the lovely things she makes but it is mostly in the perky peyote.. enough said.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Holiday in Tenerife Thro' Jim's Lens

On the Friday CC and I had a lovely trip to the supermercado ( supermarket) CC was suitably impressed. We also took a little trip aside to a Chinese shop that sells beads. We had a quick look round Iceland , yes I mean the same shop as in Britain. CC was gobsmacked.. Actually the prices are awful but if you want British goods you have to pay the price..

When we got back to Tagoro Park CC and CJ made their way down to the coast road in Costa del Silencio . CJ wanted to take more pictures .

Beading something new

I saw this kind of beading on a web site and when I looked at the tutorial I thought 'I could do that' .. I am sure you all know this site.. There is just soo much on this site. I realy could not try something..
Ok so they are not too professional but I think you can see it has possibilities. Since finding that Victorian Beading Technique I have found another one for a rose I am now going to tackle that.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Holiday in Tenerife Thro' Jim's Lens.

I want to take you all back to my wonderful holiday I spent with CC and CJ. On the first Thursday of the holiday we got on a bus and took a little trip to Los Abrigos we went for a walk down the harbour. It was a lovely day Plenty of sun with a little breeze, we appreciated the gentle breeze. These pictures although lovely do not do justice to this little village.

Our next stop on this day of gentle adventures was El Medano. This village is famous for the wind-surfing.. It is also known for the wind. There is almost a 'hippy' feeling it is such a laid back village. There is beautiful boardwalk that is a pleasure to walk along. We stopped off in a cafe for a bite of lunch and a refreshment then wandered on. CJ taking many photos and CC an I following on behind him .

Beading with 'Shaped Beadwork'

I have an apology to make to all my readers. I have not been very well recently, nothing to do with my visitors, just a cold type thing I could not seem to shake . However I am feeling much better now. There seems to be a lot of this sort of bug at this time of year. (The change from high summer to a little cooler autumn). There is so many people going around with this infection you would think we would be prepared for it. But no we are all caught out every year..

Now I will show you just what I have been doing. I had another trip through Diane Fitzgerald book 'Shaped Beadwork' I do love this book. I said some time ago on the blog that I hated Peyote, well since buying this lovely book I have changed my mind. I have tried quite a few of the pieces, I need to tell you all ' I love Peyote '