Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Beading Mixing Pot

I find I have a lot UFO's kicking about. I cant seem to sit down and finish them off. My brain does not want to let me finish the one piece before it throws the next piece into the mix that is my ideas pot. At the moment I have two flower pieces on the go and a peyote bracelet cuff. Last night while getting on with the cuff I lifted one of the flowers and laid it on the cuff and it was really quite beautiful. . . The large flower and the 'Kind of a Passion Flower' were made from the tutorial on
The small rose was made from a book 'The beaded Garden' by Diane Fitzgerald

By the way I made the passion flower, in a kind of a way, but I could
not make the stamens stand up so did away with them and am going to add a golden seed bead center.

It is a 'Kind of a Passion Flower' Can you see a kind of a passion flower?

I have so much whirling round in my head I wish I could slow it down just a bit...
At the moment I have a hankering to bead the edge of a scarf. It just has to be a project for the future.

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