Saturday, 24 October 2009

Beaded flowers!!

I started getting a hankering to try to make beaded flowers. Now I thought you could only make these lovely little things with wire. These are the kind of flowers I showed off in my last beading post. However doing my usual browsing through the internet I found this example of flowers in bead and thread I was immediately tempted and here is the first of the finished article. Cyndi's tutorial is very well shown and if I can make this on my first attempt anyone can do it.
I enjoyed doing this and I have found a flower called the passion flower, I wondered to myself if I could try and make it up in this 'bead and thread' method. I will keep you posted how I get on.

I have recently purchased a book called 'The beaded Garden' by Diane Fitzgerald and I am working my way through it. The book is wonderful, full of detailed descriptions and pictures. I have tried the small tulip so far I am in wonderment at the lovely things she makes but it is mostly in the perky peyote.. enough said.

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Valen said...

Hi Pat! Pretty beaded flowers you have here. I can see you are really enjoying the fun of beading. :) I can only play with my beads and crystals when I am not tied up with writing assignments. :(