Saturday, 17 October 2009

Holiday in Tenerife Thro' Jim's Lens.

I want to take you all back to my wonderful holiday I spent with CC and CJ. On the first Thursday of the holiday we got on a bus and took a little trip to Los Abrigos we went for a walk down the harbour. It was a lovely day Plenty of sun with a little breeze, we appreciated the gentle breeze. These pictures although lovely do not do justice to this little village.

Our next stop on this day of gentle adventures was El Medano. This village is famous for the wind-surfing.. It is also known for the wind. There is almost a 'hippy' feeling it is such a laid back village. There is beautiful boardwalk that is a pleasure to walk along. We stopped off in a cafe for a bite of lunch and a refreshment then wandered on. CJ taking many photos and CC an I following on behind him .

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