Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Spiral Bracelet.

I was looking for something to take my interest and found a 'different' Spiral on the Beading Daily web site. This spiral bracelet was made by Janel Gradowski is called Holiday Swirl and I feel well named.
It is a lovely swirly bracelet and I just had to attempt it. I like things that set me a bit of a challenge or 'using the old noddle'.
It was my birthday on the 3rd when I found the post by Michelle Mach, what a gift, on reading down I found the bit about spirals this was written by Jean Campbell. The blogs by Jean always have something of interest in them and I find all her instructions very easy to follow.
Now I love the spiral stitch, any spiral, I dont mind. I love finding new ones to try. My next challenge is going to be a bracelet in the Cellini Spiral.

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