Sunday, 16 August 2009

Happily Beading in Tenerife

I have had some fun today I have been beading away getting through this book. I love I told you before it is the kind of book you have to work through from front to back if you know what I mean. I usually flick through the pages to see what takes my fancy. Not this book I tried that and realised I needed to really take my time and follow the instructions.
Well I am getting on not too bad ..I am on to the second chapter 'Open Shapes' . I got myself into a few twists and knots but now I have cracked it. At the back of the book I found a pattern for a 'Diagonal stripe chain' How do people think these things up. It is so simple but looks so lush.
Ah but there is still a problem I have run out of beads. This the curse of Tenerife. Sure I can get lots of beads but not the ones I want.. I am sure I could get some but not in the colors I want or not in the amounts I want. Well never say die I will just get on and finish what I have done . It will be a bracelet. I will try and post it tomorrow.

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