Sunday, 16 August 2009

Here is my first finished project from THE BOOK.As I said Yesterday I run out of beads but managed to make a ribbon of the diagonal chain. I had to change the colors round on one of the bits because I saw I was running out of the pewter color fast. I feel really good about the ' The open Shapes Bracelet'.
I sat up till all hours trying to finish all the bits but I had to give in bed was calling. I got up and finished it this morning. I had to add the chain because of the lack of beads. I dont think it looks too bad.
More good news the kids are home so I will have then here tomorrow and they can play in the pool with all the other children.

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Valen said...

Hi Pat! Looks like you have done a lot in beading. That's great! I finally got the chance to work on two bracelet projects over the weekend. You can check then out at my website. :)