Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beading Books

At the beginning of this month I turned 70 and on my birthday I decided to buy myself Diane Fitzgerald's book 'Shaped Beadwork'. One of the things that decided me to buy this book was the fact I could not get the hang of the Peyote Stitch and on looking at many web sites and beading blogs this book came up time after time when I found articles on the pesky Peyote.
I have loved working through the book. Her instructions and descriptions of the wonderful items she has made and shows in the book are amazing..
However there was another book I was very interested in and that was Horace R. Goodhue's 'Indian Bead-weaving Patterns' . I have always have been interested in the beadwork of the American Indians. Again while surfing the net I kept coming across this book. However there were as many against as there was for.. some people thought the drawings left a lot to be desired.. and on the other hand there were people that thought his explanations and stories on the subject of the American Indian beading refreshing. I am one of those people. Since receiving the book from (wonderful web site, wonderful service) on Monday I have read it from front to back and loved every word and diagram.
As you can imagine I am working my way through this book too. Wish me luck..

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