Monday, 22 March 2010

No Beading just Whales & Dolphins

Yesterday, Sunday my D.D. and I took the Wild Child on a trip to see the whales and dolphins. It was wonderful .. The boat took us away out for what seemed a long way, when suddenly there they were!. Five dolphins tumbling towards us. It did not take too much imagination for me to think it was a whole family showing off just for us on the glass bottomed catamaran. I for one felt so honored to be treated to their show.
We were then told we could go below and watch the show from below the water line. The Wild Child was over the moon with excitement. I gave him the camera and away he went snapping shots of the fantastic dolphins. He let out a gasp here was some very large fish just hanging in the water. They were pilot whales, away he went again snapping more pictures of these lovely creatures. Eventually we went back up top to watch the show again.
What a wonderful day .
I do love this lovely island Tenerife

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