Saturday, 20 March 2010

More beading Teddy

Thought you would like to see how far I have got on with him now.He is such a lovely boy. The colors in my camera do not do him justice. It is like magic the way he grows. Each new step is such an adventure. I feel I need to hurry on to finish the piece I am doing to jump to the next step.


Elmsley Rose said...

That reminds me - I want to get one of the kits too. Can you remind me where they were from on Etsy?
(I've ticked 'follow up comments')

Silver Surfer said...

Hello Elmsley, where I got mine from is
but I actually bought it from

I went looking for you and I cant see any more Golden Koi
hope this helps you.

Gypsy said...

He is already lovely!! Going to be a treasure when finished..Aryd'ell in Western NC Great Smoky Mountains,USA

Ellen said...

He is looking fabulous Pat! I can see you are having way too much fun LOL

hugs Ellen

Elmsley Rose said...

Oh, I hope I can find one, and they take layby! (I'm pretty broke after all that med treatment!).

And I want it to be the orange one - the others aren't as special.

I'll let you know if I find anymore, and also let the web site and etsy used that there is a demand for them.

Elmsley Rose said...


He is looking Magnifico!