Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bead Embroidering Bunk-a-punch

I think I have said it before I am a woman without much imagination. This shows you just what I mean. This is a nearly finished beaded bunk-a-punch.

Quite a while ago I tried my hand at bunk-a-punch. However it did not grab me. I tried a few things out but it was not for me. I know some of you out there will know what I mean.

Well I had finished the Poppy Thingy and was looking about for ideas. When I came across the bag ( under my bed) with the unfinished B-a-Ps. Thought to my self I will bead these for the want of any inspirations coming my way.

This is my first attempt not bad even if I say so myself. I know it is unfinished but it looks like it has some potential.

I have had to put it down unfinished because my son-in-law is taking the princess to Paris and she wanted to take some of my beaded jewelery with her. There will be his mum and 4 sisters. I was quite lucky with my U.F.O.s I only needed to make two full necklaces. I have finished three that were U.F.O.s they only needed toggles put on.

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