Friday, 5 March 2010

Rastro ( Car Boot Sale )

This beautiful jacket was bought at a rastro in Tenerife. It is heavily embroidered and looks Chinese. That is the princess modeling it. The stitching is out of this world and looks hand done.

I love going to the car boot sales here in the south of Tenerife. We have a car boot sale every Sunday morning. Until coming across the little jacket it was always beads I would look for.

Actually it was my who found it. She is a great car-booter I love to watch her plough through all the things. There is a saying ' One mans rubbish is anothers treasure' well this is so true in this case. The jacket is nearly too small for the princess but even when she cannot wear it I am not going to put it into another car-boot because to me it is a real treasure.

1 comment:

Elmsley Rose said...

I'm glad you got it even tho it doesn't fit anyone!
It'll eventually find new life as part of a project somewhere, if it has gorgeous embroidery on it!