Thursday, 1 April 2010

More of the beading of Teddy Koi

Here is more of my lovely boy.
I seem to be staggering from bead to bead.. It is so intense. I can only do a little bit at a time. However every time I finish each new part I sort of hold him up and gaze in wonder at him. I really never thought anything could give me such enjoyment. Mind you he is not even nearly finished..
I have found the most difficult part is the back scales. It is a bit fiddly and my fingers are not so agile as they used to be. Also while the children are here they just want to pick him up and wooo and ahhh at him. I dare not try to do any of Teddy when they are here.
I had a misshap the other day. I spilled the tray of beads I dont have to tell you I was on the floor in an instant groveling around picking all the little things up. I think I got most of them.. My Wild Child picked up some that I had missed. What a Boy.


Elmsley Rose said...

I remember Paula saying that progress was difficult, as well - especially towards the end. Just so fiddly.
But I'm still getting one for me!

Nice to see yours growing. Are you going to call him Edward as well?

Gypsy said...

I know what you meant about having to stop and admire along the way- still haven't gotten past that point, even after years of bead embroidery!
To help with spilled beads- if you have a vaccuum, place the foot of an old nylon stocking or pantyhose inside the tube, with the edges outside and rubber banded in place. Vaccuum away, and the beads will be caught in the stocking, where you can rinse the whole thing under water, then turn out into a plate to dry. I had to actually buy these, as it had been so long since wearing any LOL!