Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Party Time in Tenerife

No time to bead today. We have a kid's birthday party to attend. The lucky mother has two little girls who are four years apart in age but two days apart in birthdays. The mum just throws a party in the middle and BAM all the birthday craziness is over in one fell swoop.

I went down to Las Galletas with my daughter, the wild child and Princesa Wattapong to get birthday presents and have a wander. The kids played in the swingpark while Bampa (Grandpa) had a coffee and watched over them while my DD and I went shopping.

Believe it or not there is a new kids' toy out called Beados. Ridiculously expensive! In the end we went to two toy shops where I goggled at the price of things. Where do young families get the money? DD dragged me to a paper shop and showed me a well hidden stand stuffed full of arty-crafty kids' things and I ended up getting four different items (one of which is an old fashioned bobbin for knitting which just so happens to be part of a bead set!)

So half an hour of descanso and then it's off to all the madness of eight or nine kids running about like crazy, with outr two somewhere in the middle.

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