Sunday, 26 July 2009

Beading and The Problem with the Ever Growing Stash

Boy! do I have a problem.. as you all know by this time 'I love my beading' BUT and this is a big BUT it seems to have a life of its own, the stash I mean. I am making a lot of things( thinking I am using up my stash) but no there seems to be even more .

Wahhh what can I do to make this lot go away.. NO I dont really mean that .. I love my stash even just to sit and fondle the beads gives me pleasure. The many ideas I have got from just sitting playing with my beads is surprising.

I have been trying to tidy it all up.. I have 6 drawers and they are all a mess. I have a small working table and that is a disaster.

I start tidying it all up and then I come across a lovely set of beads and I have to stop tidying up and test the color and the stitch combination my find has brought to mind.

On Friday I went to the new bead shop and I bought two lovely strands of beads.. I know what you will say to that but how could I resist.

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