Monday, 27 July 2009

Neurotic Little Dog

We have two dogs in this little house of ours. Both are mutts but we love then in spite of this handicap. Zapa the black one is a little laid back chappy. But the other one is a kind of ugly but beautiful ( if you know what I mean) she is a yappy kind of dog and drives us nuts with her barking.. However we cope with this as she is a wonderful little watch dog..

Now the next thing we have to cope with is she is terrified of the noise round the pool she shakes and pants at an alarming rate all we can do is shut the glass doors to the patio to try and keep down the noise.. she also suffers from separation anxiety .. Annie and I are joined at the hip at the moment and going to the toilet is fun she worries if I shut the door on her. When I am making the food she has to come with me in case I disappear into the pots and pans.

August in Tenerife is a quiet month if you need anything official done but not so quiet here on the complex with all the spanish having their holidays and of course the tourists from all over Europe..

If you look at the pics you will see Zapa looking after his neurotic companion. Wee Annie is the worried one..

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