Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Here is the princess's newest effort. I think we have a budding beader in the making what do you think?. We have a couple of kids visiting their grand-parents for the summer. The Wild Child and the Princess play with them when they come to the complex. The little girl is very much into the beading lark and our wee princess thought she would like to try it. She is dying to try earrings I think that will be the next thing on the cards..

I have had a bit of excitement on the complex today the Wild Child let the dogs out on the complex. The dogs are not allowed to run about in case they have 'A little accident' I am the one who is so much against dogs running free .. So of course mine are definitely not allowed to run wild and free on the complex. The princess caught Zapa and the Wild Child caught Annie so all ended well..

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