Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The End of the Snakey Thing

At last I finished it. It was fun to do quite an adventure for me.

I have had some very nice things said about it. However I still feel I would like to try something more demanding..

I have long been an admirer of Robin Atkins Her bead embroidery site gives you enough eye candy to want to explore more.

This was my second piece in bead embroidery .

I am still getting pulled towards beading but I am not someone who can have two or more things on the go at once. What I mean by this is not a beading piece and a bead embroidery piece on the go at once.

As I have moaned about before my home is so small and my stash is taking over. When I started out beading I had three drawers. Not very big I have to say. Then came a free standing 4 drawer unit and the top there of . Now the beads and things are creeping up on to the serving counter!!! HELP please can I have more room.

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Ellen said...

I love your Snakey Thing, it's very clever I think!