Saturday, 20 February 2010

Beading The Poppy Thingy

Here is the newest attempt at bead embroidery. I found some lovely stitching on the blog by Carol-Ann Conway. This is the lady who stitched ' Fish Face '. Now dont tell me you dont know Fish Face, he is the most beautiful golden carp you are likely ever to meet. Just click his name and introduce your self.
A very nice lady introduced me to FF her name is Elmsley Rose do go and investigate this ladies site also.
However back to my effort at the Poppy Thingy.. Carol-Ann demonstrated the puffy edges on the poppy petals.. I have tried to follow her advice.. my flower is nothing like the lovely poppy Carol-Ann did but I am quite pleased with it..
I like to find and try new things.. I felt it would not turn out anything like it did. As you can see it is not realy like a poppy but it is my interpretation

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Elmsley Rose said...


oh, *that* blue poppy of Carol-Anne's. Yeah - I want to do it too!