Saturday, 18 April 2009

Beading and the WEAVER'S KNOT

On the 27th Feb. I posted about the Weaver's knot I have now found the magazine in question.
The magazine is The Beadworkers Guild Journal number 21 dated June 2004.
The article titled Weaver's Knot by Jean Power.

Jean says ..
"This knot works best if you use the end of the thread coming off the spool. So I always attach the thread before cutting it off the spool to stop me forgetting which end is which.

Tie a slipknot in the end of the new thread and pull it until there is a small 'noose' to put your old thread end through.

Insert the end of the old thread and place the noose where you want knot to be. Pull the
ends of the new thread till they tighten around the old thread and make an audible 'click'. Sometimes you may get a smaller 'click' but check it's secure by pulling the old and new threads apart. If they slip at all re-tighten the new thread around the old thread until a louder click is produced.

When the knot is tightened properly it wont slip at all and you can start weaving the ends in.

Once you have used this knot a few times you will come to know its capabilities and limitations. You may find that when beading stitches such as spiral rope you have to plan where to put your knot so it does not block any bead holes. But the more you use the knot the better you'll become at using it."

I must tell you I have had nothing but success using this knot.
So sorry it has taken me so long to find and post this very useful article.


Jean Power said...

Glad you find it useful!

Silver Surfer said...

I thank you. This is a very useful knot I had never even heard of it before.