Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Vacaciones

I will be away for about a month. I will be visiting my son and his family, in Sompting near Worthing, for a fortnight then moving on to Swindon to visit my cousin and her family. I am taking all the makings with me I could not live that long without my beading. I took more care packing my bead stuff than I did for my personal packing. LOL
There is lots of bits and bobs in my beading box. Everyone will get to dig through and select what they fancy.
If I get the chance I will post while I am away who knows.


Valen said...

Enjoy your holiday! Hope to get to see what you did with your beads when you come back. :)

reading said...

I hope you are really enjoying your holidays, and thank you for sharing your holidays experience.....

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