Saturday, 21 March 2009

Thinking about Wire-work

I am nearly there. I have finished that last piece now raring to go and start the working with wire. I just hope it turns out. The last item was a long necklace in red and gold small delicas.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm Valen from Beads & Wires. :) Thanks for dropping by my beading blog. You've made very nice articles. I like this one. It looks like you've applied the coraling technique. I've just learned this technique from the magazine recently, but have not decided how to use it to create a bracelet. Will think about it! :)

silver surfer said...

Yes it was coraling technique. I found it in a web site while surfing the net. It was earings though. If I find it again I will send you the URL.

Valen said...

Thanks for the URL. I first saw about this technique in the magazine Beads & Beyond. Am going to write a post about this coraling technique in my blog soon. :)