Tuesday, 3 March 2009

No Beading Today

No beading today I look after my grandkids Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

I have to put everything out of sight (bead wise I mean) Sami loves looking and touching my work table. He moves everything about and I cant find anything. Hania is a wee sweety when it comes to my beads.. she loves everything.. she oohs and aahs over the lot..

My next project must be some dangles for handbags.. My friend V. is nagging me to make some..I mean nagging in the nicest possible way.. We go to car boots and we look for second hand and broken necklaces .. She started picking up necklaces with very LARGE beads.. when I asked her what will I do with those she answered 'make dangles' so I will take the hint and give it a go..

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