Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Boy Teddy Koi

Here is my pride and joy...Teddy Koi .
This has been like giving birth to my children and ha taken nearly as long..
He is worth it . Everyone loves him to bits.
I have been away to UK for a months holiday to see some relatives. I had a good time and was quite wrung out by the time I got back. Teddy came with me and loved all the attention he got.


Gypsy said...

Oh MY! He is quite the showcase for your talent!! I absolutely love him and he does need some sort of stand...or maybe hanging from a bit of monofilament in front of a mirro, so you can see all his sides?? Lovely, Pat!!Congratulations!

Carol said...

OMGOSH!! he is just indescribible!! He is just fantastic!! I can't RAVE enough!
You deserve all the attention you get. He is beautifully designed and your bead work is beautifully done.

I love him.

Elmsley Rose said...

Congratulations on finishing him!
He's still on my wishlist to do.

Millie D said...

This is fantastic! Was it on display at the West of England bead Fair at Wincanton? I just noticed the photo of it ont the bedazzled beads site. You must be so pleased with this fabulous fish.

char said...

Your Koi is absolutely beautiful. You are putting your retirement to good use. Keep up the good work.