Saturday, 6 June 2009

Beading the broken bracelet

This is the sad story of a bracelet.
I reclaimed beads from a beaded top. It was absolutely covered with these lovely beads. I set to work with beads, bugles, and seed beads (all from the beaded top) I tried to use a fine fishing line for threading it together but it did not drape well. Then I tried Nymo thread and got the look I wanted. I then fashioned this bracelet which I presented to one of my friends.
She then proceeded to wear it night and day. After about three months you can imagine what happened .. The bugles cut through the nymo even though I put a seed bead at each end of the bugle. When she gave me the bracelet back the nymo had been cut through in two places and one piece of the catch was off.
Well as you can imagine it was a complete remake. However I have not used the bugles again.. I have embelished it with kisses. Just to show my friend I still love her.

I used nymo double on the base of the new bracelet and single on the kisses. I got the idea for the bracelet on the Bead&Button web site. An Abby Cobb design.
This is the sad story of the bracelet and it now has a happy ending.


Valen said...

I like the look of the 'reincarnated' bracelet. And may I know what kind of beads 'kisses' are?

Silver Surfer said...

Hi Valen , they are just some seed beads that toned with the main beads.
In fact they came off the same vest I got in the car boot sale